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Apple Compatible Solid-State Flash Disks

With a wide variety of SSD drives delivering ever higher read-write performance - at ever lower prices - a SSD hard drive upgrade is one of the BEST performance upgrades you can give your Mac.

Best SSD's For Apple Drive Upgrades

Best SSD Flash Drives For Apple Computers

For those with Pro model Macs where Apple started using higher-performance 6Gbps SATA III speed interfaces (2009 models and newer in general) - Buying up for slightly higher SSD Read/Write specs is smart. In this case, one of the best Apple compatible SSD drive options is Samsung's 840 or 850 series.

Another peak performing SSD for Apple Mac's is the SanDisk Extreme Pro or Crucial M550 Series drive. Their SandForce controller achieves peak Reads AND Writes in the 500Mbps range, ideal for Pro Macintosh users.

These top-end Apple friendly solid-state disks use flash memory clocked at a higher speed combined with larger cache in it's on-board SandForce controller chip for maximum performance. These high-end SSD's are more suited to the capabilities of a SATA II interface that Apple started using across it's entire Pro computer line, then rolled out to include all consumer MacBook / Mac mini lines in 2009. Even if your Macintosh isn't a high-end model, buying the fastest Mac SSD you can afford today will insure it will perform well when transferred into your next Macintosh.

Similar to a Mac SD flash memory card - a SSD drive uses NAND flash memory chips. But they're designed for extended and heavy-duty read-write cycles. This gives the memory cells in a solid-state drive far more MTBF durability and usable lifespan than SD, SDHC and SDXC cards have.